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Terrace Renovation for Summer

Terrace renovation for Summer – This is the ideal season to get the most out of your balcony. Never mind the feet of you have available, what is important is that you have a corner outdoors and you should find a way to make it a comfortable space to enjoy this summer.


Comfort is a luxury

Besides being a space that should fix to make it beautiful, it is essential that we be comfortable, but it will end up being a waste in time we use accommodate. We must ensure that it is arranged so we feel like out for a while every afternoon. Must be fresh and have comfortable furnishings.
Also endeavor to achieve a very natural environment. We recommend adding wicker furniture or chairs, hammocks are an excellent choice. Choose furniture that is in keeping with the atmosphere of the balcony and also guarantees comfort. It is necessary not to forget that this furniture will be exposed to sun, rain and wind so we should try to be strong material.

Fabrics for outdoor spaces
We can add cushions to the furniture, curtains, rugs and even floor cloth pads that act as sunscreens. Textiles are always an option to renew the decoration of a space, then a small change the result is great.
For the summer, we recommend opting for soft and fresh fabrics that are not too hot, but prefer clear vibrant colors. ‘s Flowered fabrics or natural motifs take a lot this summer, as the prints of maritime motifs.

Fill every corner of nature It is important to note that plants and flowers are the stars of the summer spirit. The flowers, ferns and exotic plants revive any space filling it with joy and life, so we always recommend choosing a natural decoration for this season, especially for balconies, patios and terraces. Plants completely transform a space outdoors, fill it with freshness, color and make us feel much more at ease.Observe the small details
Finally advise complete an exterior decoration with small details. Candles, tables and planters are elements that help us to create an environment with style. You can get some elements of manual making that give a rustic touch to your balcony or opt for other much more elaborate if you prefer a more chic and sophisticated space.
What really matters is to use the space you have and create conditions so you can enjoy the summer at home.

Tricks to Make Large Spaces

The marvelous Tricks to Make Large Spaces image below, is other parts of Tricks to Make Large Spaces document which is listed within TIPS, Tricks to Make Large Spaces.

Effective tricks to expand spaces at home that will help you create rooms more comfortable and spacious with a few small details. Modern life we subtracted from spaces that enjoyed by our ancestors, the apartments and houses can be said that “they aren’t what they were” in space. Because now everything seems smaller. If you feel the need to make some spaces look larger, these tricks will serve much.Expand spaces at home with color

The color is essential in many ways in interior decoration, when we want to expand visual spaces at home, can use confidently to the use of light colours. Paint walls in white or colors of great clarity, help us to create a larger stay and by logic more welcoming feeling.

Color for amplicar spaces at home is not limited to paint the walls in light colors because the same concept can be used in furniture that, in this way, reflect light better, and feel the largest stay. Furniture in white or other very clear are also splendid.

Expand spaces at home with light

Natural and artificial light are also important when it comes to expand spaces at home because you can take advantage of the windows to make room to flood light and you see larger logic. So take advantage of curtains in light colours that allow the total passage of light. And clear, artificial light should seize it also, in this sense fills the room of light with white light bulbs.


There are more great ideas or tricks to expand spaces at home that will serve much and that do not require major changes or major expenses. Some of them are used longer window curtains or a curtain that covers a wall from side to side, the curtain must be in white color.


The mirrors are another great alternative because they reflect light better, and pictures can also be used in this sense, but should be great pictures. Be careful with the details that add to the decor, if you have a small space not exaggerate with the decorative details, pictures, mirrors, ornaments and more because then the room looks overloaded and small, which is what we want to improve.


With these tricks to extend space at home, you’ll find bigger rooms visually more attractive.


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Traditional Home Design

An old farmhouse near Arrow town, was the starting point for a home that skillfully combines tradition and modernity – is about a couple who knows everything about major projects. In the last 20 years they have built large projects of golf. Belinda and Geoff, owners were insistent on the charm of the walls of original rock mortar and tiles slab patio to remain intact. The clean lines of the new part of his house, built next to the old one, were designed to contrast, while the shape and material are mixed perfectly.
Before you build, we were sitting at a bar in the Hilton Queenstown, says Geoff. “We look around and we counted seven different textures. It worked. That was what we wanted.
Stone, quarry tile, oregon pine, dyed black floor of Australian wood, cedar and sable – Brown outdoor Board – each texture and subtle color gives way softly to the next. A traditional wall in the stone house, with old copper grids, holds its own next to the back wall in black cedar.
The kitchen is located in the heart of the House, between the old and the new. On one side is the old field House stone wall and the road through the cozy living room with its stone and roof of macrocarpa. On the other hand, the kitchen opens in the light of a new living room with high walls.
What is your favorite space? “Depends on the mood or the weather,” says Belinda. “In some hot days the shadow of the old farmhouse is a relief, or could be simply the best place to read a book in front of the fire. But here, “she says, waving his hand to windows from floor to ceiling, living room” you can sit and watch the seasons at Coronet Peak. I love it. “DESIGN – #Modern-Traditional Home Design –
Traditional Home Design Ecletic Style Decorating

Ecletic Style Decorating – The denomination of eclectic is used to refer to situations, personalities, or phenomena characterized by contain elements very different among themselves, but combined perfectly. The eclectic style takes the best of the different elements and mixes them in personalized and unique way. Do you like to collect? Do you not feel identified with any particular style? […]How to Decorate a New House with Art

How to decorate a new house with art – We know that decorating a new place, especially a new House, is a long-term and arduous work. But the results will be rewarded if we create harmony and places that reflect perfection. Today, each object created sensations in rooms as the room, kitchen, room, bathroom, Garden, etc.

Rural Style Decorating – Increasingly, people who choose to get away from the stress of the city to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the countryside, in an environment full of peace in which to rest and to miss out great scenery and forests. Gone are those houses of field where all were uncomfortable, currently can enjoy comfortably our stay without.

Kitchen Illuminating Tips – Think you have the perfect kitchen? Have you wanted the cabinets, these latest appliances that combine so well, the appropriate counter, the floor, the walls of the perfect color, etc. But, do you have proper lighting? It is quite common to pay much attention to all aspects that I commented earlier, but not give much importance.