10 Innovative Ways to Make More Storage Space in Your Home

Got a home that seems like its shrinking? It could be that your home is running out of adequate storage space for all your precious stuff. For many, having enough storage space can be a real challenge. But, by adding more storage space and making a few minor improvements, you can make your life less stressful and actually increase the value of your home. Fortunately for you, there are some really innovative home storage options available on the market that anyone can take advantage of.
Turn your presently cramped home or apartment into a spacious environment with these ten creative and amazing storage solutions.

Door Storage Racks – There is a lot of space behind doors, in bedrooms, the bathroom, and even in the kitchen of your home. Use clever door storage racks that either use hooks to hang over the top of the door, or bolt to the surface of the door.

Door racks can turn a kitchen door into a make-shift pantry for holding spices. Bedroom and guest room racks can hold extra shoes, clothing and accessories.


Over Cupboard Baskets – In most kitchens and bathrooms, there is space to be found on the tops of wall cabinets. This is the perfect place to store items out of sight in baskets of all sizes. Try using your kitchen cabinet tops for holding pots and pans, extra canisters, baskets of cooking supplies, and wine bottles. Your bathroom cabinets can hold extra cleaning and bathing supplies, and towels safely out of sight.

Under Bed Containers – Every home has a large amount of available space under beds. Use bed risers to increase this space, and then add under bed storage containers to hold all matter of extra items, like shoes and out of season clothing and coats. Kids can pack away their toys, art supplies, and more.

Space Saving Clothing Bags – One of the most genius inventions to arrive on the market, that really helps to increase the storage ability of your home, is the space bag. Toss in your out of season clothes, extra bedding, curtains, pillows, and stuffed animals, then use your vacuum to remove air. Pack these flat bags under beds until you are ready to use these items again.

Closet Clutter Busters – Closets can easily turn into a real mess if you don’t take steps to keep them organized. To add more storage space, add a clever closet extender bar underneath your regular clothes bar, and use this to hang pants and skirts. Add shoe racks to the back of closet doors or in the bottom of your closets.

Wall Shelving – There are many innovative options in wall shelving units, from small single shelves to large leaning shelves. Add a few to your home, and watch it open up each room as items like books, music, art and office supplies find their rightful place. Use wall shelves in the bathrooms and kitchen too, for convenient storage.

Double-duty Furniture – Your home can become more organized when you replace worn out furnishings with those that offer more than one function. Try storage ottomans instead of coffee tables. Or use a storage bench near your entrance or in a bedroom to stow away extra blankets, shoes, mittens, and hats.  Tables can reveal hidden storage nooks for holding dinnerware and linens.

Mobile Storage Carts – There never seems to be enough counter space in most kitchens. This can be solved by adding a rolling storage cart that doubles as an extra counter top when needed. Hold your extra cookware and towels inside, or use as a place to keep cookbooks and other kitchen supplies.

Banquet Storage Drawers – In the dining room, replace chairs with a storage bench on each side of your table, or add a banquet area with a shelf to display table lamps, photos, and extra dinnerware and glasses.

Stow it Under Seats – In the family room of your home, get some extra storage by stowing away books, magazines, crafting materials, and remotes underneath chairs or the sofa using under bed boxes or trays. The good part is that they are always nearby when you need them.

Jewelry Mirror Magic – In your dressing room, instead of a plain wall mirror, why not add a wall-mounted jewelry box cleverly disguised as a full length wall mirror? This keeps your favorite jewelry neat and hung nicely so you can find what you need in a jiffy.

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