Tricks to Make Large Spaces

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Effective tricks to expand spaces at home that will help you create rooms more comfortable and spacious with a few small details. Modern life we subtracted from spaces that enjoyed by our ancestors, the apartments and houses can be said that “they aren’t what they were” in space. Because now everything seems smaller. If you feel the need to make some spaces look larger, these tricks will serve much.Expand spaces at home with color

The color is essential in many ways in interior decoration, when we want to expand visual spaces at home, can use confidently to the use of light colours. Paint walls in white or colors of great clarity, help us to create a larger stay and by logic more welcoming feeling.

Color for amplicar spaces at home is not limited to paint the walls in light colors because the same concept can be used in furniture that, in this way, reflect light better, and feel the largest stay. Furniture in white or other very clear are also splendid.

Expand spaces at home with light

Natural and artificial light are also important when it comes to expand spaces at home because you can take advantage of the windows to make room to flood light and you see larger logic. So take advantage of curtains in light colours that allow the total passage of light. And clear, artificial light should seize it also, in this sense fills the room of light with white light bulbs.


There are more great ideas or tricks to expand spaces at home that will serve much and that do not require major changes or major expenses. Some of them are used longer window curtains or a curtain that covers a wall from side to side, the curtain must be in white color.


The mirrors are another great alternative because they reflect light better, and pictures can also be used in this sense, but should be great pictures. Be careful with the details that add to the decor, if you have a small space not exaggerate with the decorative details, pictures, mirrors, ornaments and more because then the room looks overloaded and small, which is what we want to improve.


With these tricks to extend space at home, you’ll find bigger rooms visually more attractive.


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